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The Best Shots of X-Men

July 31, 2010 By: Colin Low Category: Capsuled Thoughts

A potent combination—1) droolworthy university course listings, 2) meetings with new schoolmates and old friends, 3) a dearth of notable summer fare and 4) the existing gamut of insights on its few standout blockbusters—sublimated most of my desire to write about the movies over the past three months.

But no more, since I couldn’t resist chipping in to Nathaniel R’s blogathon participatory series (I guess that’s what they call it these days) over at The Film Experience. The idea? Have the discipline to pick out and post a single favourite shot of a movie, as determined by Nathaniel. Just a glimpse of the screen captures below should tell you how my self-control turned out.

X-Men (2000) lives up to being forefather of the millenial rise of comic-book superhero movies. Both in the sense that it’s unapologetically well-constructed, and yet in that it looks shabby and transitional. Just look at that title screen! (more…)