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F***ed: Actress Peak Performance Barometer?

September 14, 2011 By: Colin Low Category: Picture Posts

A woman getting pounded into by a man oblivious to her distraction, turmoil, inner life: Any cinema that attends to such an image surely has an eye to that woman’s strengths and vulnerabilities in other ways that surprise and resonate.

Which of these performances do you most admire, or look forward to seeing? Do you know of others like them?

  • Melanie Lynskey in Heavenly Creatures (1994)
  • Julianne Moore in Safe (1995)
  • Zhang Ziyi in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)
  • Nicole Kidman in Birth (2004)
  • Tang Wei in Lust, Caution (2007)

1 Comments to “F***ed: Actress Peak Performance Barometer?”

  1. First of all, Zhang Ziyi wins because she’s participating without actually exposing herself! (Not until the moment I wrote that, that is)

    Aside for that, I think I’ll go with Moore if only because of that kiss on the chick after the sex. Talk about castration!
    But they’re all great in these movies (Haven’t seen the entirety of Birth, though).


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